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Defying gravity isn’t easy…

…But that is exactly what successful lifting procedures do. Breast, arm, and body lifts re-create natural contours by removing excess skin and repositioning sagging tissue. Lifts are our most challenging procedures. They are also the most satisfying for our clients. Lifts can offer relief from the irritation caused by excess skin, reshape your body, and allow you to enjoy dressing again.

Body Lift

Body lifts are appropriate for those who have achieved significant weight loss and are left with sagging skin around their entire midsection. Unlike fat, excess skin cannot be reduced by diet and exercise. A body lift removes the hanging skin from the abdomen, sides and back.

In doing so, the procedure also lifts the skin of the thighs and buttocks. Aftercare is a crucial part of this procedure; and it is important to find a surgeon and surgical staff who will be there for you during the entire healing process.

Arm Lift

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is often a component of body restoration after significant weight loss. It also serves those who have disproportionate skin stretching of the upper arms over time causing a “winged” appearance. We combine skin removal and liposuction to reshape and tighten the arms. Brachioplasty can make the entire upper body appear more slender, allow your arms to lie flat at your side, and vastly increase your clothing options.

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