Female to Male Chest Reconstruction



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Proud to serve the transgender community

My staff and I are proud to serve the transgender community; and will ensure that you will always feel welcome at The Cosmetic Concierge.

Female-To-Male chest reconstruction has come a long way from the days of simple breast reduction or mastectomy which removed breast tissue; but did not create a natural appearance. We are refining our technique continuously to give you the most natural appearance possible.

New liposuction techniques combined with extensive experience in both keyhole and double incision reconstructions with nipple transfer allow me to offer a customized procedure which addresses the entire chest wall and leaves you with a masculine chest which blends into your body.

For those who have suffered unsatisfactory results previously we also perform chest revisions.

Laird Young Postoperative Results FTM Chest Reconstruction
DI Postop
ALEX JACOB LEIGH: Psychology Student @ UNCC
3 weeks s/p Double Incision Chest Reconstruction With Free Nipple Grafts
FTM Chest Reconstruction (1)
JP B&A-Chest Recon after Weight Loss
3 days after DI chest reconstruction 2
6 months s_p DI chest reconstruction 6
DI Chest reconstruction 1
DI Chest Reconstruction 5
DI Chest Reconstruction 8
MH DI Chest Reconstruction
DI Chest Reconstruction 9
DI Chest Reconstruction 7
1 week s:p DI chest reconstruction 3

Hear what our clients have to say!

Laird Young

I did significant research via the Internet, first on the procedures available, and then on Double-Incision w/ Nipple Grafts, which became obvious was the correct procedure for my body type. Then I investigated potential surgeons nationwide, and reviewed hundreds of photos of their work, posted both by the physicians themselves, and FTM patients on various sites like Transbucket, plus YouTube videos. I would have traveled anywhere in the U.S. to get the best possible aesthetic result from this surgery.

I had looked at Dr. Sherie’s work online, along with the surgeon she has been training with, Dr. Tony Mangubat. I also received received recommendations from FTMs locally who had surgery with Dr. Sherie & Dr. Mangubat.

We had a thorough initial consultation that was truly a conversation. We discussed my goals for the surgical outcome, and she explained how they would be accomplished. Any and all questions I had were answered honestly and in detail. We set the date, the procedure went smoothly, the anesthesiologist was fabulous (went under and woke up comfortably, and felt stunningly well within 2-3 hours afterward), and the outcome was aesthetically terrific for this type of surgery. I healed rapidly and well, with no complications whatsoever. I would place Dr. Sherie’s results in my case up against those of any of the surgeons in the U.S. most known for FTM chest surgery.

Dr. Sherie’s fees were completely in line for this surgery and the excellent result in any nationwide comparison. I can also say that her fee is all-inclusive except for prescription medications.