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Financing & Insurance for your Cosmetic Surgery

Financing & Insurance for your Cosmetic Surgery


Don’t let finances keep you from receiving the cosmetic procedures you want and deserve. There are programs that can help you finance your procedure with 0& or low interest financing. We can guide you in the possibilities for you to get the work you need with two financing options:

credit care cosmetic financingCare Credit. This company offers financing for the full spectrum of medical procedures with the potential for up to 100% financing with no down payment for qualified applicants. Your credit score is used to determine eligibility and terms. If your score is below 650, it is recommended that you secure a co-signer with a higher score to receive the best terms. You can apply directly with Care Credit through this link.

United Medical Credit Surgery financingUnited Medical Credit. This medical financing company also offers qualified applicants up to full financing with no down payment. They consider credit score, but have lenders who are more liberal with approvals (at higher interest rates, of course). Apply for financing with United Medical Credit (or reapply with a co-signer) via this direct link.

Note: For either of these options, the individual seeking the financing does not need to be the actual patient. The only requirement is that the responsible party submit the application and agree to the terms of payment.


Cosmetic Concierge is not in-network with any insurance provider. However, we have helped clients get reimbursed by their insurance providers when their procedures are covered by their policies.

If you want to pursue insurance reimbursement, start by calling your provider (use the number on the back of your insurance card) to let them know that you are seeking pre-authorization for a procedure with us. They will ask about your diagnosis and the procedure you want and will send us a form to complete. We are happy to fill out any paperwork, speak with your insurance company, and provide codes and additional information.

Note: Insurance providers often have conditions for pre-authorization — which may include a letter of recommendation from a therapist, a minimum length of time on hormones, and more — that are not required by Cosmetic Concierge.