Earlobe Repair (Otoplasty) at The Cosmetic Concierge

Earlobe repair surgery is an excellent solution for those who have become self-conscious about the state of their earlobes. Excess, hanging skin is commonly the result of over-stretching the lobes with plugs or gauges or consistently wearing heavy earrings. Earlobe issues can also be due to tears, trauma and scarring from having earrings accidentally ripped out or other types of injury. Some clients simply have naturally larger lobes or an asymmetrical appearance. Regardless of the cause, The Cosmetic Concierge can give you the ear/earlobe appearance you desire.


Local Anaesthesia

Our cosmetic surgery center offers a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for your earlobe repair. In most cases, these simple procedures are completed under local anaesthesia to achieve a completely relaxed state. Feel secure knowing that your surgery will be pain-free and you will leave with complete post-operative treatment instructions. Prior to your procedure, we will discuss what you can expect during the recovery period so that you can return home to focus on resting and healing.


Post-Operative Care

Your recovery and total comfort is paramount. We will send you home with an antibiotic ointment and topical scar diminishing cream. You will be prescribed pain medication for use as needed. We will explain how to keep your wound clean and suggest when your stitches will be removed. Watch out for long hair getting caught in your bandages and take care when pulling any clothing over your head. Your ears will be tender for a while. Many clients prefer sleeping on feather pillows post surgery due to their comfortable yet firm support. We recommend that you avoid sleeping on your sides until healing is well underway. Many clients are surprised and excited to learn that they may be ready to have their ears re-pierced within 3 weeks of surgery. Of course, every client is unique, so we will monitor your progress closely.

Dr. Hope Sherie and her caring, experienced team at The Cosmetic Concierge are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Book your consultation appointment today to discuss the changes you seek. You will be given the information you need to proceed with complete confidence. Call 980-938-0459 to set your appointment, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.