The breast is the first beautiful thing we see. And breast augmentation is one of the most satisfying and exciting procedures I offer. For many women, and transwomen, breast enhancement provides a feeling of completeness and femininity. For some it is a restoration of something lost to surgery, or time, or the beautiful sacrifice of child birth and breast feeding. And for others it is the solution to an asymmetry or deficit present since birth.   

What happens during your initial consultation is crucial to achieving satisfaction with your end results! Before choosing your surgeon, consider this checklist and whether she does the following:

1. Lets you try on sizers

Most cosmetic surgeons will have a variety of implant types and sizes for you to try on as part of your consultation. But, I’m amazed to find that there are still some surgeons who guess based on your desired “cup” size or even just pick the size for you!

There are several reasons this is a bad idea. Just as your real estate agent’s idea of a “cozy” single family home may be very different from yours; a particular surgeon’s idea of the “right” size may be much bigger, or smaller, than what you envision.

Similarly, I find that one woman’s idea of a “C” cup often differs from another. Even bra manufacturers can’t agree on the actual measurements of a cup size. If you have tried different brands you know that a Victoria’s Secret “D” is nothing like a Hane’s “D”!

Finally, putting the actual implants over you own breasts (don’t worry-we provide fitting bras), and under your own clothes, gives you a good idea how they will fit on your chest. Sometimes my clients make a second fitting appointment to bring in a specific bathing suit, dress, loved one or trusted friend to try on sizers again. I’ll never forget the bride to be who brought her dress in for a fitting in the clinic! Her wedding and honeymoon pictures made the extra time worthwhile!

2. Discusses the available implant options:

Saline or silicone? Round or shaped? Low or high profile? Implants now come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it’s important that you understand the pros and cons of each. For many women there is more than one right choice depending on your priorities. Your surgeon can help you decide which option works best for you.

3. Understands what you want

Every woman has her own reasons for considering breast augmentation. It’s so important that your surgeon understands your goals in relationship to your lifestyle. The consultation should help you understand what a breast augmentation can and cannot do and allow you to pin down what you really want from the procedure.

4. Determines whether you also need a breast lift

Not every client will get the breasts she wants with augmentation alone. In fact, augmentation in someone who needs a lift can result in a deformity know as the “double bubble”. A careful examination will reveal whether you would also benefit from a lift to reshape the breast and reposition the nipple to a more youthful position. We will discuss whether your goals are best met by augmentation, lift, or both. Some surgeons require that augmentation and lift be done in two separate procedures. However, I’ve found that many clients prefer the option of having both procedures performed at once after we discuss the risks and benefits of that approach.

5. Outlines your postoperative course

No one wants to show up for surgery without knowing what to expect afterwards; but that is exactly what happens if your surgeon doesn’t discuss your incision placement, healing time, and the changes you can expect over the days, weeks, and months to follow. Your surgery can feel like a magical experience or a traumatic event ; and knowing what to expect makes all the difference.

6. Gives you her number

Maybe you have questions about whether that bruise is normal or a sign of trouble or you and your care taker disagree about whether you were supposed to remove that itchy dressing. Whatever it is, you don’t want to speak to an answering service or wait until Monday morning. One of the advantages of investing in an elective surgery should be personal access to your surgeon.