These are wonderful complimentary tools that allow us to reshape the body by changing proportions. Many clients come initially seeking augmentation of one area or reduction of another; and we can give you just what you want.  But I find that the most beautiful results often come from a combination procedure resulting in more of an overall body contouring. This is where surgery meets artistry.

For instance, using liposuction to contour the lower back will also emphasize and reshape the upper buttock area; and when combined with transfer of that fat into the mid buttocks the result is an entirely new shape. This principle holds true for all parts of the body. I often combine liposuction of  fatty deposits near the underarms with breast augmentation; or liposuction of the thighs and waist with fat transfer to the hips or butt.  Utilizing subtle reduction combined with moderate augmentation we can create a whole that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Why does Dr. Sherie not limit sitting or lying on your back after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The world of cosmetic body sculpting is rapidly evolving from traditional “fat reduction” to true body reshaping. Here’s why:

VASER liposuction of athletic female lower back and waist with fat transfer to the buttocks and hips (trochanteric depressions).


“Doc, can you just take this and move it there?” It has been a common joke from patients during my surgical career. And now my answer is “Yes I can.” We instinctively identify with shape. We immediately know that a woman is not just a smaller man. To a large degree, the shape we’re in is genetically determined. Most of my clients do not want to be merely smaller, but to change their proportions. Many are of normal weight or mildly overweight and would like to reposition their localized fat deposits. This photo shows a fit, athletic woman who wished to achieve a more hourglass shape which we were able to do with thinning of the waist, lower back and inner thighs with VASER liposuction and fat grafting to enhance the butt and fill her trochanteric depressions (the indentations of the hips). Slender, curvy, athletic, masculine, feminine, androgynous…whats your shape?



No, really. I love it. That golden tissue is the clay that makes all this sculpting possible. Modern natural fat transfer harvests healthy excess fat and moves it wherever enhancement is desired. Unfortunately, early attempts at fat grafting had unpredictable results with resorption of much of the transferred fat. By using the higher quality fat cells obtained with gentle VASER liposuction, using ultra-fine filtration, and mixing the fat with your own plasma rich protein we can expect retention of 50-80% of your fat graft. Fat grafts can be used to create voluptuous hips and curvaceous buttocks, enlarge breasts, restore volume in the aging face, and smooth and repair hands with deep grooves and prominent veins.

VASER high definition liposuction of the chest and abdomen

3. Muscle Etching

Exercise is good for you. It makes you sleep well, improves your mood, helps control your appetite, and makes you feel more confident. But, for many, no amount of exercise will ever give cut abs or muscular shoulders. It just isn’t in their genes. Others simply cannot spend the hours of heavy lifting that would be required to achieve that kind of muscular definition. VASER allows me to perform high definition etching of the client’s musculature which would be impossible with conventional techniques.

Female Abdominal Hi-definition VASER liposuction


Liposuction and fat grafting changes body shape more quickly than diet and exercise and in ways that that those interventions cannot. It seems miraculous. But, living art is neither instant nor permanent. The most spectacular changes result when our clients “mind their body”, cultivating patience and respect for the recovery process and continuing a healthy lifestyle after surgery. I refine my post-care instructions and interventions continuously to better support my clients’ investment in their body sculpting.


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