Why does Dr. Sherie not limit sitting or lying on your back after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Sherie does not limit sitting or lying in your back after Brazilian Butt Lifts and routinely has fat graft takes of 85% and higher. As she says, “If sitting killed living fat cells we would all have flat derrières!”

Why does The Cosmetic Concierge in Charlotte routinely have such excellent Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

The Brazilian butt lift uses your own adipose (fat cells) to naturally augment and reshape the buttocks. At The Cosmetic Concierge, I employ several techniques to ensure the viability of these transferred cells long term. Before any liposuction is done, the fat is liquefied with a VASER ultrasound probe which breaks it into very small cell packets. This “liquid gold” is then pulled through a narrow liposuction canula into a sterile, single use canister where it is gently drawn through a micro particle filter leaving only the finest pure fat tissue. In contrast, the majority of surgeons selling fat grafting rely on brute arm strength to force big clumps of solid fat cells through a liposuction canula, collect it into a non sterile canister and then smash the clumps through a metal strainer with a large spoon before reinjecting. It’s a miracle that some of these cells survive at all and explains why fat graft takes are typically cited as 50% at best, and typically less.

But Dr. Sherie doesn’t stop there to ensure the best fat grafting results. During the operation, her skilled nursing staff take the patient’s own blood and spins it down twice to obtain the purest PRP, or plasma rich protein. You may have heard the term “PRP” because it is the same magical stuff used by celebrities to nourish and plum their skin with “Vampire Face Lifts”.

Her specialized injection technique is the final key to allowing her butt lift clients to sit and lie normally after surgery. She explains, “I inject multiple layers of very thin threads of the client’s fat and PRP throughout the buttock to achieve the shape and size we have discussed preoperatively. I am careful to avoid creating pools of injected fat which leaves poor blood flow to the cells in the center of the pool which can then be compromised with the normal pressure of sitting. In the end I have not experienced any increased fat loss in clients who resume normal sitting immediately following our Brazilian butt lifts. This opens the possibility of this instantly shape changing procedure to many people who could not otherwise afford to lie around on their sides for weeks postoperatively.

Dr. Sherie uses the same techniques for fat grafting to other areas including her natural tissue breast augmentations with fat grafting and facial rejuvenation with fat grafting.