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We offer a state-of-the-art Cosmetic Surgery Center in a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere in the Arlington Building in South End Charlotte.  Dr. Sherie is a board-certified surgeon with almost two decades of experience and a gift for long-term client relationships.

Every member of our staff is dedicated to the care of our clients. Our Concierge Surgical Center offers the ultimate in privacy and discretion; and we are happy to work around our client’s schedules and needs.

Our specialties include body contouring with liposuction and fat transfer, cosmetic breast surgeries(augmentations, lifts, revisions, male to female augmentation), female to male chest reconstructions, body rejuvenation with abdominoplasty (body lift), arm lifts, full body lifts, skin cancers and many other major and minor procedures desired by our clients.


I am committed to re-imagining the cosmetic surgery experience. Inspired by my own experiences and the patients I’ve met, everything I do is directed towards one, clear goal – to  help you achieve your health and beauty goals. I understand the power of change and the freedom that comes from knowing you can choose to make changes in your body that feel more like you.  I think everyone should be able to create an image which makes them feel comfortable, or inspired, or just seen for who you are.

In my years as an Air Force surgeon I was able to travel to some incredibly beautiful parts of the North American, Asian and European continents from the Red Rock Canyons of New Mexico to the canals of Venice and the mountains of Thailand. I observed the ways in which the surrounding aesthetic could be incorporated into a way of living and doing business.  The Navajo call it “Walking in Beauty”, for the Italians “La Bella Vita”. During this time I was also becoming increasingly fascinated with cosmetic surgery and realized that it was the perfect marriage of my skills and interests.  So, it was natural that I wondered why the business of beauty wasn’t conducted more beautifully. Overall, my belief is that cosmetic surgery patients rarely receive the respect or value commensurate with their financial outlay.

Since 2014, we have had the privilege of bringing Charlotte our extensive line of body shaping, facial rejuvenation, and repair and restoration procedures.. The Cosmetic Concierge is not only a destination, but a journey of growth and change. We have everything you need to express yourself here.

The Cosmetic Concierge
Choice. Change. Charlotte.