Present the man you are to the world!

Every day, whether you’re focused on dressing up, swimming, working out, social interactions and more, looking like you feel makes life easier. And presenting the man you are to the world requires a skilled surgeon with an understanding of both male anatomy and modern body sculpting techniques. From studying standard male nipple placements to attending hi-definition abdominal sculpting liposuction workshops and participating in transgender health care conferences and meetings, Dr. Hope Sherie is dedicated to perfecting this craft. Achieving a realistic, natural looking appearance for every transmale client is the goal at The Cosmetic Concierge.

At The Cosmetic Concierge, we treat you like family and combine all of our experience with a welcoming and affirming environment to help you in your transformation. We’ll work with you to determine your desired outcomes. You’ll receive personal attention and care throughout every step and every procedure in the process.

Our advanced body sculpting techniques will help you achieve a natural shape that respects your unique body type and fulfills your wishes for an authentic masculinity. The process of your transformation can involve a combination of several procedures. At The Cosmetic Concierge, we specialize in a variety of procedures which may be used to shape your visions and desires. A common procedure is chest reconstruction. We often combine that with VASER liposuction to give you a more natural, masculine appearance.

From our very first consultation to post-procedure care, you can trust the team at The Cosmetic Concierge to ensure your comfort and your desired outcomes. When your transformation is complete, you’ll be able to step out into the world with a new confidence like never before, as the man you are!


For Chest Reconstruction:
 – Double-Incision and Peri-Areolar
 – The Buttonhole Technique

For Male Body Sculpting
VASER Liposuction

Located in South End Charlotte NC, The Cosmetic Concierge provides a trans-friendly atmosphere with optional accommodation packages for out of town clients. Dr. Hope Sherie, MD, FACS is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive training in Female to Male surgery procedures. She and her staff provide competent, caring attention to all clients. We consider the lifestyle and desires of each client individually; and do not require a counseling letter to qualify for surgery.


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